flying the wilds.

Air Wilderness is owned and managed by Lewa Wilderness, one of Kenya’s original Safari Lodges. Flying has always been a part of Lewa Wilderness, from the inception of the lodge in 1972 we have been flying around northern and central Kenya and have exceptional knowledge of the landscape, the wildlife, and the bush airstrips that are scattered across this beautiful country. From our private lodge airstrip, we offer some of the most unique and authentic flying experiences in Kenya!

scenic flights.

From the Lewa Wilderness airstrip we offer a selection of scenic flights in our Cessna 206, Cessna 210 and Waco Bi-plane. Each flight is totally unique and individually magical, giving you the best options to experience the wonderful landscape around the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.


An opportunity you won’t want to miss – to fly the wilds of Kenya. Our aviation team at Air Wilderness can take you on treetop height scenic flights over the arid Samburu landscape or to the top of the snowcapped peaks of Mt. Kenya! From our lodge airstrip, we offer a range of scenic flights and morning outings. We can also fly you onwards to your next Kenya safari or beach destination!

mount kenya scenic flight

An early morning wakeup starts with a drive to the airstrip at sunrise for a 6:45 AM wheels up departure to view the majestic peaks of Mount Kenya from 15,000 ft. Taking off from the Lewa Wilderness airstrip gives you views of wildlife roaming the savannah before the aircraft starts to climb up over forests, farmlands, lakes, and hills. All the while you will have the clearest views of the snowcapped peaks. On return, you will be taken on a small aerial tour of some of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy before landing back at the Lewa Wilderness airstrip. After landing your game viewing vehicle will take you back to the lodge to enjoy breakfast.

2022: 1 hour | $770 | 4 pax max
2023: 1 hour | $900 | 4 pax max

classic waco bi-plane flights

Have you ever watched the movie “Out of Africa” and thought – I wish I could have experienced that? Well, now you can! With our yellow and black Waco Bi-Plane, we are the only company in East Africa to offer classic bi-plane scenic flights. Wrapped up warmly in a sheepskin jacket, scarf around your neck, and a sparkle in your eye, you will be ready to jump into a nostalgic flying adventure that can only really be lived once – in this time and place! For 30 minutes of your life the roar of the radial engine, the wind on your face, and the elephant, giraffe, buffalo and antelope below you will leave you thinking that you have stepped back in time to 1930’s East Africa.

WACO flights are currently unavailable but will be back soon!

30 min | $720 | 2 pax max

reteti elephant sanctuary

Take a scenic flight to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary which is situated in the remote Mathews Range. After a 30 minute flight, departing at 07:30 from the Lewa Wilderness airstrip, you will land at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Airstrip. During your visit, you will be paired with a keeper who will accompany you the entire time to tell you about the work they do to take in orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with the aim to release them back into wild herds. From a special viewing platform, you will watch the elephants come in from their walk to receive their bottles and then have mud hole playtime. Afterwards, you will be given a behind the scenes tour of the sanctuary. After a fun and eventful morning spent with baby elephants you will board your private Cessna 206 bush plane to fly back to Lewa Wilderness arriving at approximately 11:00.

4 hours | $1000 + $35 conservation fee / person  | 4 pax max
2023: 4 hours | $1,100 + $35 conservation fee | 4 pax

samburu low level scenic flight

This scenic flight takes off at 4:30 PM with the first few minutes spent flying over Lewa Wildlife Conservancy before heading over the ridges and valleys and onto the open arid lands of Samburu! The flight follows the Ewaso Ng’rio river giving you the chance to see elephant along the shores as well as other wildlife in the area. You will land at a bush airstrip where your pilot will set up an early sundowner drink for you. After about 30 minutes on the ground, you will take off and head back to Lewa, all the while spotting wildlife from the air and enjoying the experience of flying low level over some of the country’s most stunning landscape!

2022: 1 hour | $770 | 4 pax max
2023: 1 hour | $900 | 4 pax max

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*all costs are per flight and based on flights from the Lewa Wilderness Airstrip.
Please contact us on to get a quote for a Waco Bi-Plane flight or Scenic flight from other lodges in Laikipia area.

WACO flights are currently unavailable but will be back soon!

charter flights.

We offer charter flights to any part of Kenya you wish to travel to. We are able to provide you with the most ideal aircraft for the size of your family or group of friends. Our aircrafts are all “Bush Planes” and are able to get into and out of rough unpaved airstrips giving you access to the most remote and untouched parts of the country.

We offer charter flights in our Cessna 206 (max 5 passengers), our Cessna 210 (max 4 passengers) and on request we can arrange a Cessna Caravan (max 11 passengers) through our trusted local partners.

Our charter flights are completely private giving you the quickest access from any of Kenya’s main entry points direct to the lodge or camp that you have booked. We have handling teams at all airports who are on standby to ensure you are quickly and easily whisked through airport formalities so that you can enjoy the time you have in Kenya!


meet your pilots.


commercial pilot

Darryl was born and raised in Swaziland and did his studies in South Africa. He came to Kenya in 2011 and found that this part of Africa is the part he wants to call home. Darryl joined Lewa Wilderness to manage the aviation arm of the lodge, Air Wilderness. He has a Kenya Commercial Pilots License with over 1500 hours of bush flying experience. Growing up and living in various parts of Africa, and for the last 10 years in Kenya,


Darryl is very knowledgeable about the flying conditions as well as the landscape, cultures, wildlife and the many facets that make Africa a fascinating continent to visit. He provides not only a safe and reliable service as a pilot but can also be your guide in the air so that you get a better perspective of the land you fly over.


commercial pilot

Kim was born in Nairobi, and after spending his early years living in a tent in the bush of Northern Zambia, moved back to Kenya with his family in 1996. After attending boarding school in the Great Rift Valley and secondary school in Nairobi Kim started working in the hospitality industry with the dream of saving enough to become a pilot. 


After completing his commercial pilots license Kim went to fly Super Cubs for a conservation organization in Kenya’s vast Tsavo East National Park. From there Kim moved to Canada to further his flying experience gaining his Multi Pilot Instrument rating and a float plane endorsement.


Kim moved back to Kenya in May of 2021, drawn back to the wilds of the African bush, and the amazing flying to be had here.


commercial pilot

Leone Tsuma was born and grew up in Kenya. He recently joined Air Wilderness as a commercial pilot flying both the Cessna 210 and Cessna 206. Leone is also a flight instructor with more than 2000 flight hours of flying experience on various aircraft and is well versed in numerous bush flying approaches that promote safety and ensure the comfort of all on board. Having trained in Kenya and flown across Eastern Africa, he has gathered immense knowledge of the landscape and general topography of the region. 


Leone is charismatic and can interact professionally to provide a welcoming flight experience. He is an avid environmentalist with a keen interest in the unique wildlife that Africa has to offer. As a native Kenyan, he is fluent in the various Kenyan dialects, offering a diverse and multicultural view of East Africa’s wilderness.

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