The advantage of being located in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is that guests are surrounded by rich game viewing opportunities without the crowds. A maximum of just 3 vehicles are allowed at a wildlife sighting, ensuring an exclusive game viewing experience. There is a very good chance of seeing all of the “Big Five” and Lewa is one of the only conservancies where guests are almost guaranteed to see the endangered black and white rhinos while on safari. With the backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kenya and the diversity of scenery from open plains, rolling hills, valleys, escarpments and rivers, Lewa is a magical place to game drive for the ultimate Kenyan safari experience. And with our new electric game drive vehicles, we’re leading the charge in wildlife and environment-friendly game viewing. 



Guests are welcome to go for a walk with one of our trained Maasai guides to enjoy the environment from a different perspective. There is nothing more thrilling than watching rhino or elephant grazing in the morning light whilst you are on foot, or following the tracks of a leopard. Walks can be as easy or as hard as you like.

Walking Wild is a camel safari outfit based out of Lewa Wilderness. This venture offers guests the unique opportunity to explore by foot the remote valleys, hills and plains of both Lewa and neighbouring Maasai community conservation areas. Guests spend the days walking, whilst the camels and Maasai transport the camp, meeting up each evening for unforgettable nights camping out in the bush.


At Lewa Wilderness, guests can choose beyond the normal safari transport options and opt to see the conservancy from a different view – on the back of a horse or even on the back of a camel! Just two minutes walk from the lodge, the Lewa Wilderness stables are home to over 30 horses and ponies. Many of the guest horses are home bred, whilst others are retired polo ponies. The horses are well accustomed to the wildlife as, during the day, they enjoy free range grazing alongside animals such as zebra, giraffe, impala, eland and baboons. Many of our horses are used to carrying complete beginners enabling even first time riders to enjoy the unique experience of riding in the African bush.

Riding one of the Lewa Wilderness horses allows you to enjoy the wildlife in its most natural form, without the sound of a car engine or the sight of a road – it’s truly quite a privilege. Click the button below to discover more about our horseback safari rides.

*The weight limit for horse riding is: beginners 85kgs/187lbs & experienced 90kg/200lbs

Alternatively, head on over to our camel guides and once you’ve experienced the swaying movement of the camel standing up from the ground where you’ve mounted, you’ll be led on an ambling walk through the Lewa plains. The soft lulling motion of the impeccably cared for camels fits in perfectly with the quiet and gentle landscape. 


An opportunity you won’t want to miss – to fly the wilds of Kenya with Air Wilderness. Take off from the lodge and fly to the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kenya, or fly along the tree tops as you try and spot elephants along the Ewaso N’gero river. For the true ‘Out of Africa’ experience opt for our open cockpit biplane, and weave through gorges which show off the beauty of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Our scenic flights are the best way to discover so much more from the sky. 


Waco flights are currently unavailable (they’ll be back soon!) but our charter flights are open and operating.


As a family home, Lewa Wilderness is very family friendly and we welcome kids of all ages. We are favoured amongst families, small and large, and multi-generational. From pony rides, camel rides, Maasai games, exploring for cave paintings to crab fishing in the fresh water springs. There is a huge array of activities for kids of all ages – to enjoy with their families or on their own under guide supervision, while older kids and adults head out on different activities. We are exactly what a family safari should be.

Lewa Wilderness additionally has a few select off-site activities that single-travelers and families alike will love. The nearby Ngare Ndare Forest and Waterfalls offers an ecosystem very different to Lewa to explore, with a treetop canopy walk and spectacular waterfalls where you can swim and enjoy a picnic lunch. Il Ngwesi Maasai Village is an authentic Maasai village where guests can spend the day enjoying a unique experience interacting with amazing people, ideal for those wanting to explore local traditional culture. And finally there’s Rehema Destitute Home which deals with neglected and orphaned children where you can visit and meet the kids. This is well supported by our guests at Lewa Wilderness. 

"The best Family Safari Experience - Kenya"

| The Safari Awards, 2018 |


Situated on the renowned Lewa Conservancy, safari guests will not be disappointed with the intense concentration of wildlife, from the endangered Black Rhinoceros to the rare Grevy’s Zebra and the prolific Impala. Explore the Lewa Wilderness commitment to conservation by clicking on the button below.

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